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As a software engineer interested in astrology as a tool for insight and individuation through understanding symbols that embody the cycles of our lives, I wanted to learn everything I could from my birth chart: the aspects, the positions of planets, and what this whole houses and house systems deal was about--and I wanted a good rendering of my chart, with full tables and lists of data.

This proved a bit hard to obtain easily online.

I'm extremely indebted to fantastic sites like astrodienst and cafe astrology for offering a ton of information for free, but their free chart renderings are a bit out of date, and one can get lost in the wealth of resources they offer for free, or for a fee. Astrologers and artists work hard to produce that stuff, so of course they need to get paid! My purpose here is to offer much less by way of interpretation, beyond simple concepts, but to instead give you your chart and numeric data in an easy to get and consume format. That way you can draw your own conclusions, or go read those and the many other more sophisticated astrology websites with your free data in hand!

On the shoulders of giants

I try to use free resources for this website, and the full code for this website is also free to peruse, use, but hopefully not abuse!